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The Best Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

notepad open to page with handwritten am I good enough question

Congratulations, you scored an interview! You’ve done your company research and know who you’ll be speaking with. What’s left to prep? Making a list of the questions to ask during the interview. Here are our recruiters’ favorites: About the Role What is great about this job / position in relation to the company? (Job seekers…

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Should You Participate in a Clinical Trial? A Personal Story

Covid-19 clinical trial vials

Note: This is Recruiter Kim Zinner’s personal story about her opportunity to participate in a clinical trial. We hope the insight is beneficial to anyone considering a similar situation, especially during the Covid crisis. As a National Senior Recruiter with Planet Pharma, I have been recruiting clinical research professionals for pharmaceutical and biotech clients for…

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The Importance of Life Sciences Internships and Lab Roles

student in lab wearing white coat with text books during their life sciences internships

As a Recruiter, one of my favorite groups to work with is recent grads breaking into the life sciences industry. Their passion and excitement for science, manufacturing, and engineering are what make my job invigorating and worthwhile. However, as is the nature of recruiting, I don’t often have the chance to speak with these candidates…

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The Worst Thing They Can Say is No

word no written on napkin with green mug of coffee

It is human nature to want. The feeling starts at a very young age and continues throughout life. As kids, our wants are frivolous and simple: we want the better toy, dessert for dinner, and to stay up an extra hour before bedtime. While we grow, so do our wants. Personally, we want to develop…

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Preparing for a Life Sciences Interview

man with beard holding life sciences interview over video

A lot has been written about preparing for job interviews and usually the tips are the same. For example, doing research into the company. When it comes to a life sciences interview, though, should you prepare in a different way? Yes and no. In our experience coaching candidates applying for positions in life sciences, there…

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Tips to Make Reference Checking Valuable

orange rotary phone in front of teal wall

Many hiring managers feel reference checking is a waste of time and just another box to check during the hiring process. After all, no one would provide a reference if the person wasn’t guaranteed to say good things about them, right? As recruiters, we have a different opinion and experience has shown that references tend…

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The Planet Group Named a Largest Temporary Placement Firm and a Largest Executive Search Firm

press release - The Planet Group named Largest temporary placement firm and largest executive search firm

BOSTON, MA (April 1, 2021) — The Planet Group, Planet Pharma’s parent company, was named today by the Boston Business Journal as one of the “Largest Temporary Placement Firms” and one of the “Largest Executive (Contingency) Search Firms” in Massachusetts. Largest Temporary Placement Firm Twenty-two staffing companies were included on the Largest Temporary Placement Firms…

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The Planet Group Announces Agreement to Acquire I.T. Works Recruitment, Inc., an IT Recruitment Consulting Firm Specializing in Niche Technology Markets

press release - The Planet Group announces agreement to acquire I.T. Works Recruitment, Inc.

Acquisition Further Expands Planet’s Technology Portfolio Allowing Expanded Staffing and Consulting Services CHICAGO, IL (April 1, 2021) – Planet Pharma’s parent company, The Planet Group (“Planet”), a portfolio company of MidOcean Partners and leading provider of outsourced human capital and consulting solutions, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire I.T. Works…

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Is the Best Time to Find a Job Really When You Have One?

woman with pink head scarf and laptop contemplating her job search

You may have heard the saying “the best time to find a job is when you have one.” Is it true? Yes! Having an updated resume at the ready, being involved in professional groups, browsing job opportunities on LinkedIn – these are all activities career experts advise should be done even when you’re not actively…

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