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Future-Proofing Your Career in Life Sciences: Skills and Certifications in High Demand

As April unfolds, it brings a sense of renewal and growth—a perfect time to reflect on our career paths and consider how we can future-proof ourselves in the dynamic landscape of the life sciences industry. With rapid technological advancements, evolving regulatory landscapes, and shifting market demands, staying relevant and competitive requires continuous learning and upskilling.…

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Self-Care Strategies for Busy Women: Prioritizing Wellness Amidst Responsibilities

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s too easy for busy women to put their well-being on the back burner. Juggling work, family, and personal commitments often leaves little time for self-care. However, prioritizing wellness is essential for maintaining physical health, mental clarity, and happiness. As we celebrate Women’s Health Month this April, let’s explore some self-care…

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How to Refuse a Counter Offer and Leave on a High Note

If you’ve spent the last five or six years building a biotech career at one company, you may be ready to move on to another organization and role that more closely aligns with your goals. However, every move has its own complications, so it’s important to consider what leaving your current employer will look like,…

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How to Best Handle a Resume Gap

close up of pen with resume showing gaps

Whether it was to support loved ones, provide childcare, recover from health issues or as part of a furlough or layoff, the past few years have caused a vast number of people to temporarily leave their careers. For job seekers who fear a resume gap will make their search trickier, here are some tips for…

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5 Ways to Make Your Own Luck in the Job Search

We could all use a bit of good luck this spring. Every once in a while, circumstances align and new opportunities present themselves seemingly out of thin air. But, often, a string of what seems like good luck is actually the result of hard work. This can be especially true when it comes to our…

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Why To Choose a Career in Staffing

  By: Rebecca (Pesavento) Fries Associate Director, Recruitment Pronouns: She/Her/Hers     If you’re about to graduate or are thinking about making a career switch, a trusted friend or advisor may say, “You know, you should really consider working for a staffing agency.” While that comment may be intriguing, it may not be clear to…

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Email Etiquette: Tips For Optimizing Inbox Interactions

Email. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. When used properly, email makes it quick and easy to dash off a note to a colleague, but it can also be a huge drain on time and resources if you’re not careful. The volume of emails we receive daily makes it essential to carefully consider…

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Business Integrity Leads to Better Business

The recruiting world has unfortunately earned a bad reputation. We’re often associated with being pushy, disingenuous, and selfish. I get it. I’ve seen this happen firsthand and I’ve seen the negative consequences. Clients are frustrated. Candidates aren’t happy. Business suffers. I’ve also seen the flipside of this and can attest that when people are treated…

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How to Address Being Fired During the Interview Process

box on desk with clock, plant and binders

Whether it came as a surprise or was expected, being fired can be unnerving, upsetting and a blow to your confidence. It can also be intimidating to think about how you’ll address the issue during your job search. Know this – it’s okay to have been fired at one point in your career, the key…

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