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6 Tips for Successful Negotiations

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, successful negotiations can be a make-or-break situation. You can either walk away with everything you’ve ever dreamed of or simply trade one employer for another with very little to show for it. Undoubtedly, as you progress through your career, negotiation skills are a must. Here are…

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Is the Best Time to Find a Job Really When You Have One?

woman with pink head scarf and laptop contemplating her job search

You may have heard the saying “the best time to find a job is when you have one.” Is it true? Yes! Having an updated resume at the ready, being involved in professional groups, browsing job opportunities on LinkedIn – these are all activities career experts advise should be done even when you’re not actively…

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Don’t Play it Coy in Salary Negotiations

alarm clock with three stacks of coins with plant sprouts

We often see mistakes made by job candidates during the offer stage. Whether shopping the offer to other companies, trying to secure a counteroffer from a current employer or “ghosting” at the final stages, you can permanently ruin a relationship by handling the situation carelessly. The biggest mistake candidates make? Playing it coy during salary…

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