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Tips for Writing a Stand-Out Job Description

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No matter the market conditions, it is always critical to catch the attention of top talent and writing a good job description is an important step in the hiring process. While a fascinating and unique write-up can attract potential candidates, a lackluster job description can make them pass right over your opportunity, even if the…

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How to Make Sure Your Next Hire is a Culture Fit

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You could argue that culture fit is one of the most important factors when it comes to retaining talent. There is an old saying, “one bad apple can spoil the bunch” and we couldn’t agree more. Hiring the wrong fit can cost you time, morale and productivity as well as dollars. The challenge? Culture fit…

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Crucial Steps Before You Start the Hiring Process

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You’ve created the perfect job description, researched the salary requirements, checked out your candidates on LinkedIn and now you’re ready to start the hiring process, right? Maybe not. These six tips will have a positive effect on your hiring practices and will leave your candidates and colleagues feeling involved, informed and respected along the way.…

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How COVID-19 Has Affected The “Battle for Talent | State of the Industry 2021

Qualified candidates are being approached by recruiters multiple times a day. In order to attract talent, “you really need to differentiate yourself, or be a specialist within a market,” says Spencer Cricks.  Our goal at Planet Pharma is to create an organization that strengthens the employer-employee dynamic by connecting clients with talent. This results in…

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Hiring Demands: Clinical Roles | State of the Industry 2021

There’s no doubt about it – clinical talent is in huge demand right now, from researchers to project managers and beyond. Spencer Cricks discusses this increased demand over the past year:  Our goal at Planet Pharma is to create an organization that strengthens the employer-employee dynamic by connecting clients with talent. This results in making…

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3 Questions to Ask a Staffing Firm Before Hiring Them

The Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative industries in the world. From cutting-edge treatments through to innovative research and development, business is truly booming. However, an organisation is nothing without its people, so it’s crucial that you have a detailed talent acquisition strategy to attract and retain the right…

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Impacts of IR35 On The UK Market | State of the Industry 2021

While the industry has since begun to adapt to the new status quo, Spencer Cricks spoke earlier this summer to the initial impacts that IR35 had on contract staffing in the UK, and how the Planet Pharma team worked actively with candidates and clients to help them remain agile in a changing environment: Our goal…

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Supporting Working Parents During COVID and Beyond

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people around the globe felt the repercussions in all aspects of their lives. Between social distancing, isolation, and mask-wearing, everyone was thrown into a new and uncertain reality.  One group of people that found themselves in an especially difficult position was working parents. As schools closed, parents were forced to…

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Tips to Make Reference Checking Valuable

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Many hiring managers feel reference checking is a waste of time and just another box to check during the hiring process. After all, no one would provide a reference if the person wasn’t guaranteed to say good things about them, right? As recruiters, we have a different opinion and experience has shown that references tend…

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