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How to Best Handle a Resume Gap

close up of pen with resume showing gaps

Whether it was to support loved ones, provide childcare, recover from health issues or as part of a furlough or layoff, the past few years have caused a vast number of people to temporarily leave their careers. For job seekers who fear a resume gap will make their search trickier, here are some tips for…

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5 Ways to Make Your Own Luck in the Job Search

We could all use a bit of good luck this spring. Every once in a while, circumstances align and new opportunities present themselves seemingly out of thin air. But, often, a string of what seems like good luck is actually the result of hard work. This can be especially true when it comes to our…

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Why To Choose a Career in Staffing

  By: Rebecca (Pesavento) Fries Associate Director, Recruitment Pronouns: She/Her/Hers     If you’re about to graduate or are thinking about making a career switch, a trusted friend or advisor may say, “You know, you should really consider working for a staffing agency.” While that comment may be intriguing, it may not be clear to…

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How to Manage the Anxiety of Starting a New Job

typewriter text New Job Chapter One

Starting a new job is a big transition and with it can come a lot of anxiety. If you are considering a role change, or about to begin a new opportunity, what can you do to manage your stress and make a positive impression on your new employer? Here are a few things to consider.…

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How to Decline a Job Offer – Advice to Do it Right

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No matter the job market, or your personal circumstances, as a job seeker, you have the power to decline an offer. It may be a matter of culture, commute, the company or a better opportunity elsewhere – not every role is right for every person. However, how you conduct yourself when declining a job offer…

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How COVID-19 Has Affected The “Battle for Talent | State of the Industry 2021

Qualified candidates are being approached by recruiters multiple times a day. In order to attract talent, “you really need to differentiate yourself, or be a specialist within a market,” says Spencer Cricks.  Our goal at Planet Pharma is to create an organization that strengthens the employer-employee dynamic by connecting clients with talent. This results in…

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How to Address Being Fired During the Interview Process

box on desk with clock, plant and binders

Whether it came as a surprise or was expected, being fired can be unnerving, upsetting and a blow to your confidence. It can also be intimidating to think about how you’ll address the issue during your job search. Know this – it’s okay to have been fired at one point in your career, the key…

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