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How to Manage the Anxiety of Starting a New Job

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Starting a new job is a big transition and with it can come a lot of anxiety. If you are considering a role change, or about to begin a new opportunity, what can you do to manage your stress and make a positive impression on your new employer? Here are a few things to consider.…

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How to Decline a Job Offer – Advice to Do it Right

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No matter the job market, or your personal circumstances, as a job seeker, you have the power to decline an offer. It may be a matter of culture, commute, the company or a better opportunity elsewhere – not every role is right for every person. However, how you conduct yourself when declining a job offer…

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How COVID-19 Has Affected The “Battle for Talent | State of the Industry 2021

Qualified candidates are being approached by recruiters multiple times a day. In order to attract talent, “you really need to differentiate yourself, or be a specialist within a market,” says Spencer Cricks.  Our goal at Planet Pharma is to create an organization that strengthens the employer-employee dynamic by connecting clients with talent. This results in…

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The Top Reasons Job Candidates Get Rejected

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The job is perfect – you have the right background, skills and experience – and you are invited in for an interview. But the process suddenly ends and… you’re rejected. What happened that you’re out of the running? We polled several expert recruiters and asked them to share their take on why candidates get rejected.…

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The Best Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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Congratulations, you scored an interview! You’ve done your company research and know who you’ll be speaking with. What’s left to prep? Making a list of the questions to ask during the interview. Here are our recruiters’ favorites: About the Role What is great about this job / position in relation to the company? (Job seekers…

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The Importance of Life Sciences Internships and Lab Roles

student in lab wearing white coat with text books during their life sciences internships

As a Recruiter, one of my favorite groups to work with is recent grads breaking into the life sciences industry. Their passion and excitement for science, manufacturing, and engineering are what make my job invigorating and worthwhile. However, as is the nature of recruiting, I don’t often have the chance to speak with these candidates…

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