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The Top Reasons Job Candidates Get Rejected

brick wall with blue exit stair sign

The job is perfect – you have the right background, skills and experience – and you are invited in for an interview. But the process suddenly ends and… you’re rejected. What happened that you’re out of the running? We polled several expert recruiters and asked them to share their take on why candidates get rejected.…

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The Best Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

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Congratulations, you scored an interview! You’ve done your company research and know who you’ll be speaking with. What’s left to prep? Making a list of the questions to ask during the interview. Here are our recruiters’ favorites: About the Role What is great about this job / position in relation to the company? (Job seekers…

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The Importance of Life Sciences Internships and Lab Roles

student in lab wearing white coat with text books during their life sciences internships

As a Recruiter, one of my favorite groups to work with is recent grads breaking into the life sciences industry. Their passion and excitement for science, manufacturing, and engineering are what make my job invigorating and worthwhile. However, as is the nature of recruiting, I don’t often have the chance to speak with these candidates…

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Preparing for a Life Sciences Interview

man with beard holding life sciences interview over video

A lot has been written about preparing for job interviews and usually the tips are the same. For example, doing research into the company. When it comes to a life sciences interview, though, should you prepare in a different way? Yes and no. In our experience coaching candidates applying for positions in life sciences, there…

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Is the Best Time to Find a Job Really When You Have One?

woman with pink head scarf and laptop contemplating her job search

You may have heard the saying “the best time to find a job is when you have one.” Is it true? Yes! Having an updated resume at the ready, being involved in professional groups, browsing job opportunities on LinkedIn – these are all activities career experts advise should be done even when you’re not actively…

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7 Tips for Rocking Every Interview and Keeping Anxiety Away

rock painted with polka dots and you rock saying sitting on wooden bench

Let’s be honest— while the idea of a new dream job may cause a flutter, there are very few people that can genuinely say they get excited about job interviews. First, there’s the upfront effort needed to research the company, craft thoughtful questions, and practice your elevator pitch. Then, even just the idea of the…

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Common Resume-Writing Myths and Why You Should Ignore Them

word MYTH spelled in printing blocks on wooden surface

When you’re job searching, you hear a lot of advice about your resume regarding what it should look like, the content, the length, how far back you should go, etc. The suggestions can be endless and confusing, and the worst part is many of the “tips” are myths. All recruiters have their opinions about the…

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How to Prepare for Behavioral Interviews

woman sitting in white chair against beige wall with drawings above her head

In addition to traditional interviews, during which the hiring manager typically asks a series of straightforward questions about your credentials and experiences, employers often use behavioral interviews to uncover how potential new hires would handle different on-the-job scenarios. That means you, as a job seeker, should understand what these interviews entail, how they differ from…

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Why Recruiters Don’t Respond

iphone on wooden table showing incoming call

As recruiters, we talk with candidates daily about the frustrations they experience during their job searches. One of the biggest complaints? “Why don’t recruiters respond when I call or email?” While we always strive to be responsive, the volume of candidates reaching out to us can be overwhelming. And, even one little thing can move…

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