Yes; however, our search and staffing consultants prefer that you submit your CV first so they can learn about your qualifications and interests in order to best prepare for the discussion.

No, it is not necessary to apply multiple times. Our recruiters match you to all available openings. We do the work for you.

Planet Pharma will engage with workers under these arrangements upon provision of proof of a correctly incorporated limited company.

Yes, provided you can supply the appropriate proof of “right to work” for the country of engagement then we can consider your application for work.

Once you have searched our listings and have found a job that interests you, click on the title of the job to view the full description. Then click the ‘Apply Now’ icon on the job description page. The form used to apply online will appear. Fill out the required information to submit your online application.

You can search for jobs on our website. Click here to see all of our open positions.

You can submit your CV/resume by applying for a specific job on our website or e-mailing us at