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Ways to Make Hiring a Contractor Quick and Efficient

No matter the economic conditions, hiring managers need to move quickly when hiring a contractor to fill a temporary position. In good times, candidates often end up with multiple offers. During downturns, job seekers are eager for work and will often take the first opportunity that comes their way. Neither scenario affords the luxury to drag out the process for multiple days, or even weeks, because you will lose top candidates.

Here are four ways you can speed up the hiring process.

Review resumes quickly

Depending on the position, recruiters can have the resumes of at least one or two strong candidates to you within days (hours for some roles). You should plan on reviewing them within hours, too, or at least by the close of that business day.

Focus on whether the candidates have the core skills required to be successful in the job. If so, get an interview scheduled as soon as possible. This can be challenging, particularly if you’re hiring for a temp-to-permanent position.

While you want to get someone who will mesh with your team, don’t wait too long or you may miss out on candidates who can get you through the project at hand.

Provide feedback fast

Another key to making a smart hire comes down to feedback. If your recruiter put several resumes in front of you, and you like some but not others, then let them know why. Honest feedback is part of the process, and it helps move the search in the right direction.

Feedback also allows the recruiter to quickly hone in on candidates who may be a better possible fit, as well as advise you on who’s available in the market right now.

Schedule an interview soon

If you’re going to interview candidates, do so as quickly as possible. That means within a day or two; don’t schedule them for a week or two out. And, if you can’t physically meet a candidate within 24 to 48 hours, do a phone or video interview. If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from the pandemic, it’s how to successfully have a video meeting.

Also, make the interview process as efficient as possible. Line up all managers who want to be part of the interview and schedule either a conference call or a team interview.

Keep up the pace with a quick offer

Don’t hesitate to make an offer. You might think you can wait for the ideal candidate or it’s okay to reevaluate whether the job at hand is really a temp position or perhaps a permanent one. But, you may not have that luxury. Once you’ve finished interviews, you’ve got to contact your top candidate with an offer before someone else does. Remember to set a quick start date, too. Candidates don’t want to be out of work waiting to start a new position, and they’ll bypass your offer if another company can bring them on board right away.

Although there is an abundance of talent on the market today, you must keep the interview process moving, especially when hiring a contractor or temp. Ideally, this process should take just a couple of days. If you’re not ready to commit, your competition may be and you run the risk of starting all over.

Photo Credit: Madeleine Ragsdale on Unsplash

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