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Why It’s Important Not to Put Your Job Search on Hold During the Holidays

Most people think that undergoing a job search during the holidays will be a waste of time. “Companies aren’t hiring and managers are hunkered down, busy with year-end activities or on vacation.” Don’t buy into it! The holidays can present a perfect opportunity to interview – and land a job. Here’s why it’s important not to put your job search on hold during the holidays:

1. Less Competition

Companies hire when they have roles to fill. Other job seekers (your competition) may believe “no one hires during the holidays” and shut down their search until the new year. That thins out the candidate pool and means fewer applicants than during busier periods – like after New Year’s. Follow up with your recruiter, submit your resume and make yourself available. Your favorite holiday gift may turn out to be a new job.

2. More Search Time

If you’re currently employed and passively job searching, you may find the holidays give you an opportunity to take advantage of a quieter, less active office. Your boss is less likely to question time off during the holiday season which will give you more time for interviewing and networking activities.

3. End of Year Budgets

The term “use it or lose it” still applies in some organization when it comes to budgets. Departments that have held off on hiring may find themselves with a budget surplus they need to spend. One of the solutions to their problem might be to hire staff, which could lead to a role opening earlier than anticipated.

4. Holiday Networking

Although different this year, attending the usual round of holiday parties means more networking opportunities than usual. The adage, “it’s all about who you know,” is particularly true in many hiring situations. Interacting with people in a social setting (even via Zoom) increases the odds you’ll make a connection that could lead to a new opportunity.

5. The Holiday Spirit

This could be the perfect time to capitalize on a hiring manager’s holiday spirit. People tend to be filled with festive cheer when they have lights and decorations staring them in the face. Although this may seem unlikely, subjective factors do play out in the hiring process. If you build solid rapport during the spirit of the season, a joyful hiring manager just might give you – a dedicated, driven candidate who has decided to use your holiday time to interview – a chance!

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