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Planet Pharma EU’s February MVP: Kenechukwu “KC” Freeley

We’re highlighting some of the amazing people who make up our Planet. Today, let’s get to know Kenechukwu “KC” Freeley with our Planet Pharma EU team.


Name:  Kenechukwu “KC” Freeley 

Job Title: Recruiter II 


How does it feel to be recognized by your colleagues and what was your secret to success this month?

It feels great to be recognized by your colleagues, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the amazing setup I had in place and help from my managers and mentors as well as colleagues. This month for me was all about determination and working harder than ever – ultimately it’s been successful, with the rewards showing for the effort I put in. That’s recruitment at Planet Pharma for you in a nutshell – work hard, and the results will follow.


Talk us through your recruitment experience and areas of expertise?

The majority of my recruitment experience / expertise has been focused on Clinical Operations but since joining Planet Pharma I have been able to develop my experience in new and exciting areas such as Regulatory Affairs, Sales and Commercial.


If you could go back and give one piece of advice to yourself right at the start of your recruitment career, what would it be?

Listen to the needs of the people you speak to – due to the sales nature of the job, you’d think the best thing to do is SELL, SELL, SELL; however, you build a far better relationship with your candidates when you actually listen to what they want & truly partner with them to secure their ideal next role or projects.


What’s one thing you’d like for potential candidates and clients to know about Planet Pharma?

Planet Pharma is a unique company that stands out amongst my previous employers. There is a great support system from senior leadership down to partnerships with colleagues. This is reflected in how we partner with candidates and clients. We’re a real team! Good people who deliver results.


What would you say is unique about our culture here?

The culture at Planet Pharma is second to none. This year our company-wide vision/motto is finding the 1%. Culture has been one of the leading factors that has allowed me to settle properly within the company. Although many of us come from different backgrounds and have varying levels of experience, we all have a shared common goal.


Tell us more about you. Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents?

Very music-focused talents – I can play the drums, and I produce/make music when I’m not at work. I’m not too bad of a football player either 😉.


If you threw a dinner party and could invite 5 famous faces – who would they be?

Michael Jordan, Jose Mourinho, Nelson Mandela, Jay- Z, and Serena Williams.


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jollof Rice.


If you weren’t working in Recruitment, what would you be doing?

Working in Music / Football.


Finally, what do you think makes an MVP at Planet Pharma?

An MVP at Planet Pharma is someone who is able to go above and beyond, not just for themselves but —leading also for colleagues. Leading by example at every level and being the best version of yourself pays off!

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