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Planet Pharma EU’s May MVP: Michael Owusu-Ansah

We’re highlighting some of the amazing people who make up our Planet Pharma. Today, let’s get to know Michael Owusu-Ansah with our Planet Pharma EU team.


Name: Michael Owusu-Ansah

Job Title: Associate Director, Recruitment 


How does it feel to be recognised by your colleagues and what was your secret to success this month?

It feels amazing to be recognized for my achievements this month, and honestly very much appreciated. My secret is very simple – work hard and smart. I managed to fill some excellent requirements this month within some very niche skill sets. I was able to react fast and get to the best candidate quickly in some of my placements. In others it required a lot of persistence to get to the right candidate. All of my placements were in different functional areas – which I absolutely love.


Talk us through your recruitment experience and areas of expertise?

I started off my career in engineering recruitment for 4 years, which was very interesting due to my lack of technical knowledge which was a challenge. Then, due to the recession, I decided to go internal, which I did for several years, I earned well in this but was bored recruiting the same type of candidates daily so decided to return to agency recruitment. At this time, a former colleague of mine had just joined Planet Pharma and recommended that I join them – and the rest is history. 😊


You lead a team of high performing, talented recruiters here at Planet – What would your advice be to those looking to progress and succeed in their recruitment career?

Nothing major, but I would say work hard and utilise the talented /experienced people around you. I have been fortunate work with along some seriously gifted recruiters and have been able to take good parts from them.


What would you say is unique about our culture here?

The people – it’s very rare you work at a place where you enjoy working with all individuals within the business, and the way we collaborate is second to none.


What’s one thing you’d like for potential candidates and clients to know about Planet Pharma?

The recruiters here genuinely care about their candidates and clients – so any interactions with our team will do so with their best interest at heart.


Tell us more about you. Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents?

I am known to be an exceptionally gifted cook – so if I ever leave Planet Pharma that will be my next move 😊 – I also enjoy playing sports like football, tennis, and cricket.


If you could pick any superpower, what would it be and why?

Reading minds – as I am curious to know what people are thinking. I would also love the ability to fly.


If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

Two options here – Brazil because of the carnival or somewhere in the Caribbean due to my love for Caribbean food.


If you weren’t working in Recruitment, what would you be doing?

I watch a lot of medical programmes so I could easily see myself working as a Doctor. Otherwise, it would be something like a football coach.


Finally, what do you think makes an MVP at Planet Pharma?

Hard work and dedication  are truly recognised here at Planet Pharma. Whilst we have goals and targets to hit – we also appreciate the value someone adds to the business which is quite rare to see.

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