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COVID-19 PCR Lab Facility: Staffing & Management Solution

The Client is A top 10 service provider offering pre-clinical to post-marketing services as well as laboratory management assistance to the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sector.

The Challenge 

The client secured a government contract to oversee a lab facility designated for validating PCR COVID-19 test kits. Due to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the pandemic, they required interim support to properly manage this project, including:

• Implementing effective tracking & tracing measures related to COVID-19

• Expanding lab capacity to turnaround and validate test results in a timely
manner - a prerequisite for accurate tracking and tracing

Key Placements

  • Lab Technicians
  • Lab Assistants
  • Technologist Supervisor
  •  General Laboratory Coordinator

Due to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the pandemic, they required interim support to structure a team and manage the volume of analysis associated with the influx of PCR test kits.

The Solution 

Over the last decade, Planet Pharma has supported this client in several key
areas, particularly in clinical research, data management and regulatory affairs. As a result of these ongoing engagements, the client identified Planet Pharma as a quality supplier for staffing services to assist with this project.

With a deep and extensive candidate pipeline, Planet Pharma began quickly
identifying and placing qualified candidates on the client’s behalf.

The Results 

In total, Planet Pharma placed 42 consultants to provide interim support
for the client.

In addition to staff augmentation, Planet Pharma assisted with the implementation of key workforce management solutions, including a timesheet to track hours, as well as a shift pattern system to ensure continuous round-the-clock test kit validation. This shift pattern was fully integrated with market rates, streamlining the overall invoice and payment processes for Planet Pharma consultants.