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Planet Pharma provides expert staffing support for an Immuno-Oncology Biotech

The client is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology biotech company based in Belgium. They are committed to developing novel and innovative treatments to improve the clinical benefits of oncology therapies.

The Challenge 

The client needed to place new talent within their organization to effectively transition from Phase II to Phase III. However, the client found it difficult to source and hire qualified professionals in a timely manner, slowing development and innovation. They required the recruiting capabilities of a knowledgeable third party to secure necessary regional personnel.

Key Placements

  • Director of Pre-Clinical Research
  • Director of Commercial Supply Chain
  • Head of Target Discovery
  • Biometrics and Data Scientists
  • Pre-Clinical Scientists

The Solution 

Planet Pharma was identified as a uniquely situated staffing provider to assist with the client’s hiring needs. Having an extensive candidate pipeline, combined with their expertise in immuno-oncology, Planet Pharma’s recruiters were able to source and staff critical contract and direct hire resources within the client’s organization.

The Results 

Planet Pharma was instrumental in ensuring ongoing business continuity for the client. Contract and direct hire roles were filled within 7 days and one month, respectively. The high-level placements will have a long-term positive impact on the client’s operations, enabling them to bring their innovative therapies through the clinical stage process and eventually to market.