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When a Team Loses Their Leader Without a Plan

The Challenge 

A pharmaceutical client had a global project team that included representatives from Development, Safety, Pharmacovigilance, and IT. Their project was to implement an online portal for the delivery of Safety Letters to Investigators.

  • The Project Manager left in the middle of the project, leaving the team  without a Project Plan
  • Without a knowledgeable and available replacement, the team was falling
    behind. The project team needed a PM who understood the process and IT
    challenges related to their online portal implementation, so they called Planet
    Pharma for help.

The Results 

  • The Project Manager enabled the project team to continue moving forward and ultimately achieve a successful outcome.
  • The project team ultimately received an award in recognition of their success and we’re so proud of their achievement

The Solution 

  • We worked with the business leads to understand the client’s situation, learning their:
    • Current state
    • Expectations and needs
    • Desired future state
  • Using that information, we staffed a capable Project Manager with the right capabilities to manage this global cross-functional effort and enable the client to implement the process and technology changes
    necessary to successfully complete the project.