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When a Team Lacks Industry Experience

The Challenge 

The challenge was to unite a global project team with members from three separate organizations.

  • Our client’s team needed experienced leaders who understood CSV and SQA regulations and had the experience to drive towards deadlines and meet milestones.
  • The team members were unable to understand the business needs and technical requirements/jargon of their service provider. They needed leadership with expertise in CSV and SQA – so they came to Planet Pharma.

The Results 

  • We listened to our client as they explained the reasons their project continually ran into delays
  • We staffed the right resources, at the right time, with the right capabilities
  • These resources challenged the client and their business partners on how to proceed. They were objective and had enough experience with these types of projects to know where opportunities exist to pick up the pace and remain compliant

The Solution 

  • We staffed talented resources with the experience required to lead the project management effort
  • With the help of these resources, the project stayed on track and the client team was able to follow regulations without the burden of the regulations continuing to impact their project delivery timelines