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We deliver fast, high-quality results at a competitive cost while consistently upholding compliance standards

By leveraging our proprietary, robust software and customized recruiting processes, we are able to scale your business and implement solutions that directly impact your bottom line. After all, when you work in an industry as long as we have, you naturally begin to identify inefficiencies that impact your business. Allow our specialists to get you on the right track and quickly achieve positive results.

Finding and hiring staff who possess critical skill-sets is an arduous task for any firm. It's our mission to make that process easy.

It’s a tall order to identify talent with high demand skill sets, hire them quickly, and onboard them effectively.

We provide on-demand staffing services to make this process easier. We leverage proprietary software with our robust talent pipeline to get the job done efficiently.

Work with us to solve your workforce challenges. Utilize our global, national and local recruitment resources. Leverage our existing pool of 250,000 life sciences professionals. Watch results accumulate via our award-winning delivery platform.

Handling the selection, engagement, and management of talent can be messy. We streamline the hiring process, enabling our clients to increase efficiency by focusing on resources elsewhere. Our organization connects clients with talent via cutting-edge technology and flexible service delivery models that provide personalized solutions for our customers.

We help candidates find the ideal position they are perfectly suited for on a professional and personal level.

Identifying direct hire talent requires a different approach to recruitment. At Planet Pharma, our strategy is to understand the culture and business environment you are seeking in order to create a personalized approach towards finding perfect opportunities.

Our streamlined approach enables our recruiters to focus on finding the best position for you. Through our direct hire process, Planet Pharma works with you to understand what your career goals are, both professionally and financially. We select opportunities based on what motivates you.

From smaller firms to large international companies, our approach enables clients to reduce HR costs and maintain focus on operations. Through our direct hire process, we place a new employee directly within an organization for a competitive one-time fee, based on the employee’s first-year salary. If there isn’t a mutual fit, we replace the employee at no cost during the guaranteed time period.

We understand the marketplace and which critical skill-sets are in high demand, and we are able to respond quickly. Connecting talent to opportunities based on factors such as therapeutic area, experience, communication style, and personality is what we do best.

Planet Pharma leverages proprietary technologies and databases that enable us to connect you to the opportunities you have been seeking. Our staff of experts can help you with needs in the clinical, scientific and technology areas. Planet Pharma focuses on the details, setting us apart from other staffing agencies. We are your one-stop-shop, as our teams’ results are unrivaled within the staffing and consulting industry. At Planet Pharma, we make sure that you receive only the highest-quality service while working with our recruitment team. From our executives to our administrative staff, our focus is always on our candidates and doing everything in our power to make you successful.

Relieve yourself of the burden that is the hiring process. Allow us to help you find the right people and determine if it’s the perfect match

We know not every relationship is a perfect match. Rid yourself of any possible awkward breakups by utilizing our service. We make it easier to find the right candidates and make it easier to say goodbye just in case things don’t work out.

In this industry, hiring trends are controlled by timelines and quickly change. Many of our candidates reach out because they are looking for an opportunity to start work immediately, with the goal of becoming a permanent employee.

Likewise, Planet Pharma offers contract-to-hire staffing services to determine if a candidate is a perfect match for the position. Our clients can observe the employee on the job and once the contract period is complete, they can hire the employee permanently.

Our process saves time for everyone. You might know that the typical hiring procedure from posting to position takes up to 60 days on average. Our contract-to-hire resource typically takes less than a week.

It’s commitment-free for both parties involved, you can evaluate the environment and culture of the company. Furthermore, as permanent headcount is often filled with existing contract staff, it’s always an opportunity for a permanent hire moving forward.

You’re looking for payroll support. You want to delegate the brunt of the work yet still maintain control of the process. This is where we come in.

Our payrolling model aims to maintain a collaborative relationship between us and our clients. We manage the hiring, benefits, paperwork, work issues, personnel records, termination processes, and more.

Our client establishes the roles, responsibilities, and boundaries of the relationship. They save themselves the legwork while maintaining full control of the process.

We source the talent, you make the approval, and we manage the portfolio. We give you access to talent with our qualified pool of candidates and help you acquire employees in a fraction of the time. You gain talent while lessening the administrative burden that comes with being an employer that deals directly with payroll.

Planet Pharma payroll services improve efficiency and strongly adhere to compliance standards. We know a thing or two about best practices when it comes to employment regulations. Not to mention, working with us means you significantly reduce overhead costs.

With Planet Pharma as a single point of contact, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, scalability, and rid the burden of endless payroll processing. This significantly helps our clients focus on what they do best while still maintaining control of the process.

Need to outsource your recruitment efforts? We offer the best suite of solutions in the game.

Our Global Workforce Solutions include Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a process where our clients delegate all or part of their recruitment efforts to Planet Pharma. For us, RPO is crafting a relationship with a client. It’s not about just filling open jobs, it’s about improving the entire recruiting process for an organization.

Our RPO process is a long-term relationship that looks at improving multiple factors such as hiring process efficiencies, turnover rates, scalability, and innovation. It’s long-term consultative work with strategic end goals as opposed to a purely transactional recruiting relationship.

Planet Pharma similarly serves our clients via Managed Services Provider (MSP) offerings. While our RPO services focus on improving the recruitment process (typically for permanent staff), our MSP assistance deals with non-permanent employee hiring. This typically pertains to contractors, temporary workers, consultants and so on.

This is imperative for many of our clients. Our MSP expertise provides clients a chance to delegate the lengthy functions involved with contingent worker hiring and management processes. Our clients are rid of the legwork while still maintaining control and clarity over the operation.

There are many benefits of utilizing our services such as total cost saving and compliance. This is obtained by our economical recruitment system and strong adherence to regulation. With RPO/MSP assistance gaining in popularity, it’s important to work with a firm with an established history in the field. We’ve noticed how many recruiters suddenly proclaim themselves RPO/MSP experts. Make sure you choose a firm with experience and a strong track record.

Planet Pharma's sister company, PPG Advisory Partners, offers unparalleled ability in executive search execution and talent builds. Working in partnership with Life Sciences organizations directly, and supporting VC firms' portfolio companies, PPG Advisory Partners provides the objective strategy needed to build-out your leadership team. We focus on C-level and Senior Leadership-level (VP/SVP/EVP) roles, expediting your hiring process, and identifying the best executives for your organization.

PPG Advisory Partners' proven executive search process allows Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Device companies to partner with a trusted specialist to target custom-matched talent, manage the hiring and negotiation stages, and secure the leaders needed to drive growth and organizational change.

PPG Advisory Partners' strategic advisory services provide direction to emerging life sciences businesses from financing to corporate strategy and everything else in between.

Led by a team of industry experts, our consultants will help secure capital; outline talent needs; lead M&A activity; prepare and execute carve-outs; assess current and future corporate functions; create working capital and cash flow management processes; plan restructures and turnarounds; assess, select, and implement system integrations; analyze data and security; and design governance, risk, and compliance initiatives.

PPG Advisory Partners, Planet Pharma's sister company, provides embedded and integrated financial consulting teams from Accountants through CFOs to further or stabilize your most complex and important projects, from resolution of technical accounting issues; audit prep and management; IPOs, reverse mergers, and divestitures; SEC reporting; corporate restructures; M&A transactions; SOX compliance and implementations; IFRS conversions; FP&A and even finance recruiting.

Our on-demand leaders and staff will allow the rest of your team to keep their focus on developing therapies, drugs, and devices while we handle the finance side of your growth strategies. 

We deliver fast, high-quality results at a competitive cost

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