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Spotlight On: Sam Chapple

We’re highlighting some of the amazing people who make up our Planet. Today, let’s get to know Sam Chapple with our Planet Pharma EU team.


Name: Sam Chapple

Job Title: Associate Director, Recruitment – APAC


What was your experience prior to joining Planet?
I began my career as a golf professional, spending 7 years providing private golf tuition. I then transitioned to my first recruitment role with a competitor Life Science agency, where I worked for just under 18 months before moving to Planet.


Why did you choose to join Planet?
I was mainly sold by the ‘180 model’ as it’s fair to say I did not love Business Development, so being able to focus 100% of my efforts on the candidate side was a dream come true! I really liked the vibe and small start-up environment the EU team had when I joined 7 years ago, and I could sense great energy and vision within the business. The opportunity to recruit both contract and permanent jobs across all different functional areas was also very attractive as I’d previously only been able to work in one area. My role here provides far more diversity.


Since joining, what has kept you here?
I started at Planet as a Recruiter II in the UK without any plans for management or moving to Australia. However, now I lead our APAC Recruitment from Melbourne. I’ve never had to ask for promotions or career development opportunities; Planet has consistently provided these. The business’s recognition and reward for good performance have been valuable and moving 10,000 miles for this role has been life changing.


What do you think makes Planet Pharma different to other Staffing/Recruitment businesses?
I’d simply categorize it into 3 main points: Our 180 model, our desire to win, and our team environment. To my last point, typically, recruitment is an ‘every man for himself’ kind of environment, but here, we share success, and everyone is always rooting for each other!


What do you enjoy most about working here?
Right now, I am leading our team through a very exciting expansion phase across APAC, and there are so many interesting challenges every day! Taking this challenge head-on in a small team is exciting, but having the global support and knowledge of our experienced EU and US team makes navigating this more achievable and fun.


Biggest achievement since working at Planet?
Starting team APAC from scratch, with no database or clients in the region, was a major feat. Despite visa issues requiring night shifts for over a year, my colleague Josh Smith and I managed to help over 70 people into brand new roles across the region in our first year.


What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in Recruitment?
Recruitment is straightforward. Success comes from hard work, smart strategies, and organization.


Favorite place to go on Holiday?
Rottnest Island in Australia… it’s paradise!


What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Professional footballer


Favorite film/Netflix series?
Breaking Bad or Prison Break


If you could have dinner with one Celebrity, who would it be & why?
Tiger Woods – in my opinion, he’s the greatest sportsman ever and has an intriguing personal life.

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