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Launching a Multi-Million Dollar Project On Time

The Challenge 

A Top 25 Pharmaceutical organization planned to implement a large, enterprise technology solution with a project team located around the world.

  • The client also had a vendor with a small team committed to the project, adding an extra layer of uncertainty and risk to the project
  • The client called on Planet Pharma to staff a Project Manager who understood the complexity, uncertainty, and risks associated in collaborating with a vendor for a large-scale enterprise technology implementation
  • The Project Manager needed to hold both the project and vendor teams accountable for their responsibilities while making actionable progress on the project

The Results 

The Project Manager successfully managed the complexity, uncertainty, and risks pertaining to this project with these key components:

  • Develop a clear project structure
  • Enable the client to implement the business process and system requirements according the client’s controlled document procedures
  • Keep the vendor accountable for their responsibilities necessary to successfully complete the project
  • Establish a clear communication strategy and plan between the client and vendor team members. Frequent and regular interval communication was essential to the success of this project.

As a result, the project team received a drug development award in  recognition of their success


The Solution 

  • We worked with the client’s business leads to understand their current state, expectations/needs, and desired future state. Then, we hired the right Project Manager for this project – a Project Manager capable of leading this +$20 million project to a successful outcome.
  • The Project Manager organized a project structure that would ensure client’s internal alignment. Next, they implemented that structure to help set expectations with the vendor.
  • Additionally, the PM provided a clear and professional communication strategy along with a plan to escalate any issues with the vendor.