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Effective Interviewing Techniques for Identifying the Right Fit

In the interview stage, prospective employees and employers converge, seeking alignment and mutual understanding. Effective interviewing techniques are the linchpin to identifying the right fit for both parties involved. Here are 7 key strategies to ensure precision in the selection process. 1. Structured Interviewing Adopting a structured interview approach brings a sense of consistency to…

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Tips for Writing a Stand-Out Job Description

woman writing in notebook with Be Happy coffee cup

No matter the market conditions, it is always critical to catch the attention of top talent and writing a good job description is an important step in the hiring process. While a fascinating and unique write-up can attract potential candidates, a lackluster job description can make them pass right over your opportunity, even if the…

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Crucial Steps Before You Start the Hiring Process

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You’ve created the perfect job description, researched the salary requirements, checked out your candidates on LinkedIn and now you’re ready to start the hiring process, right? Maybe not. These six tips will have a positive effect on your hiring practices and will leave your candidates and colleagues feeling involved, informed and respected along the way.…

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How the Candidate Experience is Key when Interviewing Top Talent

two people interviewing job candidate and shaking hands

Some companies are more successful than others at forging an organization-wide effort to entice prospective employees. And, no one holds more influence over the candidate’s decision to accept or reject an offer than the hiring manager. Which is why the candidate experience is key when interviewing top talent. People want to work for people they…

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Video Chat Resources for Working Remotely, Hiring and Job Searching

man in blue shirt video chatting with tablet

Working from home can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, but during the COVID-19 emergency, can be even more difficult. Staying connected with teammates, colleagues and clients is critical, as is continuing your hiring and job search. If you don’t have access to an enterprise video conferencing solution, don’t fret, there are several…

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